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Meet the owners

Meet the owners

Cristi, Karyn (and Ella the dog) are the proud owners of Mount Lyford Lodge.

Originally from the rural ends of the North Island, Cristi and Karyn relocated to the South Island after falling in love with the breathtaking scenery and the landscape that is showcased at the lodge.

Alongside this, the great South Island reminds Cristi of his homeland in Romania. Cristi spent much of his younger days rock climbing in the Alpine region of ‘Lacu Rosu’, Romania. The clean air, pristine mountains and clear starry nights at Mt Lyford bring back these fond memories and create a passion that the visitors to the lodge can absorb and in turn create their own happy, long-lasting memories.

They are both passionate about the New Zealand tourism and hospitality industry and constantly strive to give back to the community of Mount Lyford by catering to the needs of the locals while also creating a  welcoming environment for the tourists passing through.

One of the most important goals of Cristi and Karyn’s is to promote Mount Lyford Lodge as an ideal venue for all events. Not only does the landscape showcase a dreamy potential wedding venue, the location also emphasises the perfect atmosphere for team building and school camps, which is why they are passionate about showcasing the lodge in this way.

Finally, Ella the lodge dog represents that the lodge is an animal friendly environment and caters to ALL family members, including the furry ones.


“We run the lodge with an open-door policy, that being that everyone is welcome through our doors with open arms. Make Mount Lyford Lodge your ideal alpine retreat and you wont regret it!”

-Cristi and Karyn.

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